Excellence Development

Excellence Development was born from the exclusive partnership with Elite Qatar, through which we are able to open to your company the most exclusive door to the unique world of the ME Region. Based in Doha and founded by Sheikh Nasser Al-Thani, a Qatar Royal Family Member, the company is a global hub to help the companies to head off the broad market development opportunities in Qatar and in the GCC area. Then, Excellence Development is able to assure the highest standing services in logistics, organization, operation, commercial & marketing, business development and networking. We provide to your company a privileged and unique access to one of the most high potential growth in the world.



We’re fully committed to revealing who you are, your unique identity, your values, your world. We do this through innovative design and leadership thought. You will see a strong evolution of your brand, from concept, logo and pay-off, to the end product. That’s why our focus is on symbols and on unique selling proposition, with ideas and contents that engage the customers. This is the cornerstone of a successful long term marketing strategy.


The digital era is strategic and stylistic organization. Our team will interpret the graphic design, the web development and the design, the responsive style, the illustration, the animation, the ebooks, the photography, the photo retouching, to push the creative process as far as possible. The store is not more the exclusive space of a luxury good. The web is the first window and the user experience is our driver to design each detail and to achieve the digital success. We work on PHP, HTML/5, JAVA, jQuery, CSS, CMS, MySQL, WordPress e Joomla, Copywriting e Content, key words e SEO.  To build up a successful online strategy.


We create concept and marketing campaigns for our customers based on different devices: smartphone, tablet, desktop and app. Our campaigns are global and multichannel. The drivers are the research (SEO & PPC), the Social Media and the Analytics. If you want to build a brand, to increase your market share or your sales, or to empower the brand loyalty, our team will support you in order to overcome your marketing objectives through:

  • brand management;
  • marketing contents (web, creatives, digital media)
  • KPI analysis
  • SEO, articles, link building, key words, web optimization
  • copywriting, email, newsletter.
  • Most important social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram


Thanks to our long successful expertise gained with our magazine, we create hard-back illustrated guides on different luxury subjects. Our portfolio includes topics such as five stars hotels, luxury products, interior design, prestigious real estate.

Excellence Media

An effective marketing campaign will power brand awareness and drive sales. Our marketing campaigns can be tailor made and designed with different objectives, such as building a brand image, introducing a new product, increasing sales of a product, or reducing the impact of negative news. We use all or some of disciplines: photography, video, editing, animation, 3d design, location, studio and fashion, concept and art direction.

To the  aim, Excellence Media is an extraordinary multimedia hub, built on three modern and quite target oriented means:

  • Excellence World, the web platform, which, through digital marketing, social networking and e-shop services oriented on our broad portfolio of wealthy families, is a powerful tool of brand and business development;

  • Excellence Magazine, the luxury magazine for lifestyle and business, distributed in hotel&resorts 5 stars, SPA, Golf Clubs, Marinas, law firms and other facilities to reach a very high targeted readership;

  • Excellence Emotions, the events realized in the most exclusive locations with the most exclusive elite and which is an unique opportunity of product placement for the luxury brands.

Excellence Media is an unique multimedia tool to broaden the presence and the power of your brand.

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